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Orosei dinghy rental: an unforgettable experience

Blue Driving in Orosei is the company specialized in Orosei dinghy rental and Gulf Orosei dinghy rental and allows dinghy excursion enthusiasts to have an unforgettable experience immersed in the unspoiled nature of Sardinia and surrounded by the waters of a crystalline sea.Rent dinghy Orosei

Why rent a dinghy with Blue Driving?

Sea, sun and relaxation are the ingredients of a perfect holiday and Blue Driving Orosei has always been the reference point for those who want to discover the Gulf of Orosei in a new and surprising way: on board a rented dinghy.

Since 2011, this well-established Sardinian company has specialized in offering customers guided dinghy excursions with driver and dinghy rental without driver to enhance one of the most beautiful stretches of sea and coast in all of Sardinia: the Gulf of Orosei.

Exploring this unspoilt area on a dinghy is the perfect way to treat yourself to a day of absolute relaxation and fun, admiring beaches and coves and bathing in a sea that is always blue and capable of giving a unique experience every day. All the excursions with driver proposed by Orosei Blue Driving require the presence of qualified and highly professional skippers for the excursions by dinghy in the Gulf of Orosei.

In addition to the Orosei dinghy rental with driver, the company also offers dinghies for hire without a driver to be used in total autonomy, always being able to count on recent, controlled and safe boats. Driving the dinghy does not require a boat license and everyone can sail the sea of ​​the Gulf of Orosei and spend an unforgettable day thanks to Blue Driving.Rent Boat Orosei

Gulf of Orosei by sea: beauties to discover

Renting a dinghy with or without a driver and sailing in the Gulf of Orosei means discovering a fairytale Sardinia where pristine corners of absolute beauty are hidden, to be admired while being lulled by the waves. The Gulf of Orosei is also characterized by the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, real masterpieces of nature.

Throughout the Gulf of Orosei, it extends for more than twenty miles of clear water and is dotted with coves and coves loved by tourists from all over the world, who choose to discover this area on board Blue Driving dinghies. Among the destinations in this part of Sardinia is the Bidderosa Oasis with five postcard beaches and a unique setting with Mediterranean scrub and Aleppo pine forest. There is no shortage of ponds with flamingos, herons and peregrine falcons and the soft sand shoreline.

Orosei dinghy rentalThe Gulf of Orosei, a regional park, allows visitors and tourists to let themselves be enchanted and discover a different destination every day. Those who love the sea and want to indulge in something more from their holiday in Sardinia can rent a dinghy and, with the guidance of our skipper or in total autonomy, discover landscapes that they will keep forever in their hearts and memories.

Contact us for more information on Orosei dinghy rental services with and without driver!


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